We offer all types of LED billboard products that could fulfill your needs. You can always check the specifications of our product through product page. Or,  contact us for best product recommendation which fit you.


Futur Idee is a supply corporation providing the LED products to the vendors. It is located in Richmond, BC. And operated by its head office which is located in Beijing, China.As a technology-based supplier, Futur Idee provides high quality LED products while offering supporting services to the relevant system integrator, engineering and advertising companies.

The LED products are using independent developed electronic circuit while focusing on promoting new products such as LED curtains and LED outdoor displays.While our company has obtained a certificate of patent in China. All of the products and process to produce products meet the requirements of ISO9001 system.

To be competitive in a highly competitive market we are making effort to improve and update our technologies and products everyday. In order to create a perfect brand name for our company, we are confident to build and maintain long lasting business relationships between our customers, suppliers and employees in future.